Xiomara Hernandez's Daughter Lynette Roa
with Martha Stewart

“Nothing is impossible in life. If you
want something bad enough, with
hard work and effort, you can make all
your dreams a reality… 
I am a perfect example of this.
After all the struggles I have overcome
in my life, I want my experiences to be
an example for others.  I’m another testimony
that through difficult situations you can
find and be positive if you are open to it. 
This positivity shared, helps everyone
and the world."

~Xiomara Hernandez~

Who Is Xiomara?

An inimitable brilliance can be seen in each piece from Xiomara Hernandez’s exclusive crochet collection.  While most knitting designs can be accomplished by machine, the elegant crochet stitches present in all of her designs can only be crafted by hand… Xiomara’s hand.

A Dominican Republic native, Xiomara silently took the fashion world by storm in March 2005 when Martha Stewart wore one of her ponchos which was later dubbed Martha Stewart’s “Coming Home Poncho”.  Her design revived the poncho and created an unexpected demand for hand-made crochet products.  Her couture collection of contemporary crochet designs supersedes many preconceived notions surrounding crochet fashion, by adding a chic, elegant and sexy phase to its history.

Xiomara began crocheting as a young girl in her Dominican catholic school and has been continuously elevating her talent over the years.  Xiomara is concurrently working on obtaining her bachelor and master degrees.  She will be receiving her Bachelor’s in Business Administration in June 2010 and expects to receive her Master in Fashion Merchandise from Fashion Institute of Technology ("FIT") in 2011.

With the launch of her online store, Xiomara has begun working on expanding her team and looks forward to working with other designers as she begins planning to open a store in New York City.  Her evolving collection will provide quality and diverse styles for every member of the family - - mom, dad, the kids, the in-laws, grandparents, friends even the family pets.

Xiomara is working on showing her 2011 Spring Collection at New York’s Fashion Week in September 2010 which will be her first show.  She resides in New York City with her family.

Xiomara's Expression of Appreciation To All Those Who Have Shared Their Positivity

First I would like give a special thanks to Sobro (the non-profit organization) for helping me to establish my business, especially Sobro's CEO Mr. Phillip Morrow, in addition to Jamila Diaz and Maria Berrios. To my friend Gloria C. Hartley for introducing me to FIT. Thank you to Joan O. Volpe, the photographer Mr. Curtis Willocks and his students, who does the majority of my photo shoots at FIT.  Many thanks to all the models that have assisted me, shared their time and beauty since I began this endeavor. Also a very special thanks to my personal photographer George Horn and my personal make-up artisan Jaime Quiles. Much, much appreciation to the Top-Choice Model's CEO, Syrah E. Scoot and all the gorgeous models she always has available for me.  Lastly I would like give a heartfelt thank you to all the people who've sent me cards, good wishes and moral support when I was separated from the world. It was their strength and love that kept me focused and helped me to persevere over some of the most difficult bumps and hills of my life's journey. ~Xiomara~